one year!

Happy birthday, sweet Mason! We celebrated his birthday a week early while most of our family was in town for my cousin's graduation. We had a wonderful time with friends and family. Mason's actual birthday was yesterday. I returned from New York just in time to celebrate the big one year! And what an awesome year it's been. We have so enjoyed watching you grow and change. You are so different from the tiny baby we brought home from the hospital, but you bring us just as much joy as you did on that first day we held you. Here are a few snapshots from your big day: Lots of friends and family (and babies!) came to celebrate with you.

You look a little excited about what's coming, but don't be fooled....

You pretty much wanted nothing to do with your cake. You weren't quite sure what to do with it.

And you weren't a big fan of us helping you either.

We tortured you longer than you would have liked, before we let you get back to your toys.

Yesterday we celebrated with an apple muffin.
Mason, you are a wonderful son. At one year, you:
~pull yourself up on everything
~are starting to let you and stand by yourself
~have 4 teeth
~love to open your mouth really wide and suck in air
~can say dada, mama, dog, uh-oh, no
~can hold up your finger when we ask you how old you are
~put both arms up when we say "so big"
~are lightning fast! You know how to get where you want to go
~laugh all the time
~talk and sing
~give your stuffed animals hugs
~love to brush your teeth and comb your hair
~hardly ever sit still
~still fall asleep in the car, when your not talking nonstop
~make so many new expressions
~keep us laughing and fill us with so much joy

We love you Mason!
mommy and daddy

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Mindy said...

So cute! Wow, he looks like he's grown even from his birthday party! I guess the actual birthday day will do that ;) Lots of love from Minnz, Raul, and Livvy!!