let's talk compost

Now we really are not experts on this subject, but we are learning as we go. We've been composting for three years with mixed results. This year we are moving our garden and moving our compost pile because we have to extend the dog pen. So, we are trying something new with our compost bin. Check it out:

Ryan made this using some old wood we got from his dad.

It has removable slats on the front so we can get a shovel in there to turn it every so often.

This is the lid (made with some old burlap we've used to cover plants in the garden and two handles we found in the garage) We can easily take it off to pour our goods in. We have a 5 gallon bucket in the garage with a screw on lid. We add all our kitchen scraps to it and when it's full we pour it in. Then add a layer of straw.

Only a few splinters along the way.

It's fun to make something out of old materials instead of throwing them away. Stay tuned to see what Ryan's up to with the rest of this wood. Any guesses?

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