We met my sister, brother-in-law, and mom this weekend for an early mother's day and to celebrate my sister's birthday. We had lunch and then took dairy queen to the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather. My sister and her husband brought one of their cats since she injured her leg and was on pain meds. Mason loved the cat. The cat loved her leash (sort of).

Mason loved daddy's hat.
We loved Mason in daddy's hat.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Kates!

Happy (early) Mother's Day, mom!


Cindy@FromSeedstoSunflowers said...

Hi there. You stopped by my blog from the Ultimate Blog Party. Sorry I didn't stop by sooner. I have enjoyed reading a bit about you. I will stop by again!! Bless you.

Mindy said...

Aww, fun times! (Poor kitty, I heard about the fall--I guess cats can biff it too!)