It's a dirty, dusty job. Yesterday was insulation day. We got up at 5:00 and drove two trucks over an hour to Lowes. We needed one truck for the insulation blower we rented and one truck to hold over 60 bags of insulation. We were about 25 minutes on our way back home when we realized they did not give us the hose attachment. So, I headed back and Ryan headed home. At least we didn't come all the way home before we realized it.

My job was to crawl around up in the rafters with the hose.
Ryan kept the machine full until the very last bag. We had just enough. The hardest parts where the corners where the roof was really slanted down and I could barely fit. But, 4 hours, 1200 pounds of insulation, and 2 very bruised knees later (and a big thank you to Nana for coming and watching Mason!) we can check that job off the list!


Hillary said...

well at least you know how you'll look when you're 80 ;)

It's gonna look so good when it's all done!

Mindy said...

Ok, this post had me laughing already, but Hilary's post really made me laugh... Oh man. Good times! Way to be raftin' it up like a handywoman. I bet Ryan was proud :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not goona lie, I'm a little jealous I couldn't be a part of this insulation fun! It looks like you did a wonderful job :) Love you!