gift card holders

I made some gift card holders for my three cousins for Christmas. Usually I find a cute idea and make three, but this year I decided to make them each something different.

The first one is called box in a bag. The directions can be found here: box in a bag. It's really easy to make. I used some green paper from me & my big ideas. I found some fun green buttons to add as well.

The second one I found here at Dawn's blog after my friend Stephanie made me one:) It's made out of an envelope. Instead of stamping on the envelope I covered it with patterned paper. I like the fun, bright colors.

The third one I think is called a bagalope, but I'm not sure. I can't remember where I found the instructions. I started this a long time ago and thought I would finish it for a gift card holder. This paper is flocked and has a lot of texture to it.

I just love my cousins and I can't wait to give them their little gifts. I hope you all have a fun Christmas Eve!

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