The kids sure love helping in the greenhouse!  A few weeks ago we transplanted our tomato starts into the soil.  They seem to be doing well despite some cold nights.  Mason and Emma helped dig holes and water them.  Every morning Mason goes out to check on them.  He checks on the peas too....looking for one that he and Emma can share as a little pre-breakfast snack. 

We're still getting lots of greens.  Our cabbages that we started are sprouting.  We have a few pepper plants coming along as well.

The apple trees in the {mini} orchard are sending out lots of shoots and buds.  About half have leaves.  We transplanted lots of lilac bushes and locust trees, which are loving all the rain we've been getting.

So many little things to enjoy with the kids as they walk around checking on everything. 

Our third little bean hasn't made his/her debut yet.  We've had a few false alarms but this little one has a plan of its own!  We'll see what the doctor says today.  I don't think she'll let me go past 41 weeks, so this is the week!!

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