39 weeks

We're hanging right in there at 39 weeks.  Nothing crazy is happening yet. Which works great with my plan to finish the school year.  Or at least this next week.  And works with my other plan to enjoy Mason and Emma and Ryan as much as possible before our world flip flops into all things newborn. 

I'm still feeling really good.  Of course I'm tired at the end of the work day, but the weekends are great for resting.  Other than that I can't really complain.

I'm having a lot more braxton hicks than with the other two, but that doesn't seem to mean anything yet.  Little one is still moving a lot and I think that's probably my favorite part about being pregnant.  Watching and feeling my belly move. 

We really haven't decided on any names yet, but that seems to be how we do it.  We'll come up with something.  Probably at the hospital.  At least my bag is packed and the car seat is dusted off and actually in the car. 

The kids are getting excited.  We explained to them how they might wake up one morning and someone else will be here (thanks friends and family for being on call!) and mommy and daddy will be at the hospital.  Ever since then they are a little crushed in the morning...."Mommy!  The baby is still in your belly...


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Cindi said...

Holy moly I can't believe Baby is almost here!! Eeek!! You look amazing, Leanne!!!