car talk

It's Thursday...which means Bobcat Day at our school.  Gotta love jeans and t-shirt day.  This is an oldie (taken before Christmas.) 

One of the fun things about Mason being in preschool this year is that he gets to come in to school with me every morning.  Two days a week Emma rides in to town with us too.  Those days in the car are full of singing and story telling and any tricks I can pull out to keep them from going all "he's-looking-out-my-window!!"  You know those moments, right? 

But two days a week it's just me and the boy and some pretty fun conversations.  Here are a few snippets:

Me: Mason...look there's some deer!
Mason: (almost in tears) but I don't want to see the does, where are the bucks?
Me: I don't know.  Where do you think they are?
Mason: Oh, probably in the trees.  They're much smarter you know.

Mason:  How do you become a grandma?  When does it happen?  You don't have to look old.

Mason: I'm going to count the whole way to school.  1...2...3..4....187!  We're here.  (That was a fun one:)

Mason: When are we going to Steamboat again?  You know that dad doesn't need a map to get there?  Remember when you got lost three times?

And most currently Mason feels it is his job to announce the speed limit and make sure that I'm following it. 

Mom, it's 65. 
Mom, it's 55.
Mom, it's 40.  Why do we always have to go slower in town?  I don't like going slower. 

How come your car has 100 on it if we never get to go 100? 

You know that dad's big white truck can't do 65 with a full load of wood?  You can go less than the speed limit, but not more.  Mom, you're going more.  

Mom, it's 35.
Mom, it's 15.  (insert really sad voice).  This is when we enter the school parking lot.  He always tries to convince me that it really is 51 and we need to go faster.  Like a race car. 

And my favorite:

Mom, God loves me infinity. 


Marylin said...

Cracking up! "Mom it's 15" "you're going over" what a little cutie! I miss you guys!

Cindi said...

Oh how precious!!!! Just precious!