last weekend

It seems like I'm always a little behind here on the ol' blog.  Here's what we were up to last weekend:
Playing in the snow. 

We have a future weather forecaster on our hands.  This last week the kids were all bundled up and ready to go to daycare, but we had a few minutes to play outside.  When I called them in to head to the car, Mason was carrying two of his big trucks in and Emma was following along with another truck in her hands.  When I asked Mason why he was bringing his trucks in he responded (as serious as can be)..."Mom, it looks like an early frost."
Next up it was two birthday parties.  On Saturday we headed to Olivia's minnie mouse party.  Emma hasn't taken her cute little ears off since.  Then we stopped to visit the newest little member of our extended family, Ella, a precious, tiny baby that is a huge answer to prayer after a complicated pregnancy for my cousin and coming quite a few weeks early.  Then we continued up to Greeley for Jackson's Thomas the train party.  We had dinner at an awesome chili cookoff (my brother-in-law entered some amazing green chili) and hung out with Nana and my sister and the boys.  The kids are getting way more into birthday parties, which is so fun.   

This weekend we're hanging at home, cleaning this house, and getting ready for company coming this week.  More cousin time!

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Kati's Keepsake said...

Mason, you were right about the frost! Good thing the trucks were in,