baby chicks

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday.  Twenty-seven little chicks.  Mason just couldn't believe that we got a box of chicks in the mail.  Emma won't leave them.  We have to start saying goodbye a good five minutes before we actually have to leave because she has to tell each one goodbye.  
Mason wasn't so sure about holding them at first, but after seeing Emma's excitement he decided to join in.  

We got six different kinds (red ranger broilers, buff orpingtons, brown leghorns, barred rock, partridge rock, and araucanas) but it's a little hard to tell them apart right now, excpet that some are yellow, some are brown with stripes and some are almost all black.  There's lots of peeping coming from the garage and we're staying busy checking on them.  It's a good thing we have such good helpers!

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