right now

A few things we're loving right now:
-enough sunshine for picnics in the snow
-coals still glowing in the stove in the morning (love that maple!)
-chocolate fondue (tonight!)
-putting the dollies to sleep
 -valentines, chocolates, and flowers from second graders
-seedlings coming up in the greenhouse
-18 new meals in the freezer
-time to read
-making forts with daddy
 -an extended deadline for my National Boards
-attending CCIRA (my favorite reading conference) with two of my favorite teachers
-new friends at bible study
-tea parties
-phone calls from my best friend
-plans for stamping with friends next weekend!
-new baby chicks set to arrive around Emma's birthday

Not so much:
-sick, sick and more sick (yuck!)
-laundry (mostly piles of clean clothes that won't put themselves away)
-back pain
-morning recess duty (brr...)

What are you loving these days? We really do have so much to be thankful for and it's nice to stop and count our blessings.

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