pocket purse

We found ourselves making a couple trips to Oklahoma City over the past two weeks as Ryan bought some surplus sleeping bags and military cold weather gear from an auction.  The first time I got to go with him for a little mini-roadtrip (think lots of snacks and time to talk without being interrupted by the littles as we travelled there and back in 22 hours).  The second time he went by himself and got a hotel (think of me getting the kids and myself ready for school and daycare with a little boy who was unwilling to get dressed, chicken water leaking ALL over the kitchen floor,  a little girl screaming in her carseat where I parked her while I attempted to stop the flooding in the kitchen and arriving to school a bit late--thank goodness for my student teacher!) 
So, our house and garage has turned into a bit of a surplus store with phone calls and emails coming in from the ads on Craigslist and more and more of the gear going out.  And a little extra spending money.
And new purses and bags. 
As Ryan and I were going through and sorting all the clothes we came across a few pairs of coveralls that were in really bad shape.  I didn't want to just throw them away though.  So, I ripped out all the zippers and cut off all the pockets because I thought surely I could make something with them.
At the same time I was doing a little knitting and found myself getting annnoyed at my ziplick bag of knitting notions.  I pulled it out and found that it was full of holes.  Again.  It's a little bag where I keep some crochet hooks, extra knitting needles, scissors, etc.  And it's constantly getting holes poked through.  
This is where I got the idea to take one of the pockets and turn it into a bag to keep all my knitting stuff in.  I had a little helper (of course!) so I decided to make her one too and turn it into a little purse by adding some ribbon.  

 See my old ziplock bag?  And my new bag with the heart?  I put an E on Emma's purse.  So easy.  And so free.   I literally just cut around the pocket and fused some fabric on.  The velcro closing was already done for me.  I love using old things and making them new. 

Emma loves her purse.  Lately she has been wearing it around the house, keeping it full of all her horses.  And I don't have any holes in my knitting bag! Sweet.


Marylin said...

Love it! Not the chicken water part but I knew you would find good use in Ryan's score! Love you cousin!

I'm Cindi... said...

Miss Fashionista!! Tell Miss Emma I just loooove her new purse! You did an awesome job on them, Leanne!

Mindy said...

Wow, that's awesome. Way to recycle! Emma looks pleased :)