Mason and Emma spent some time playing a new game.  And by playing I mean just setting up all the numbers.  Mason is our little number guy.  He loves to count.  The highest I've heard him count is to 109.  He can also count by tens. It's normal to be sitting at the table with some friends and all of a sudden hear something like "there are 5 girls here."  Or "six people are done eating."  He's always counting.  

 He's been trying to teach Emma how to count too.  They've made it to 13. 
 Mason loves this game (he calls it Tiles).  He likes to line up all the numbers. Or sort them by color. 
This particular time it was all fun and games until Emma started flailing around on her tummy scattering the tiles all over the floor.  She was having a blast, but Mason...not so much. 

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I'm Cindi... said...

Our family LOVES Rummikub. My mom has had it for as long as I can remember, and we've played it probably a hundred times of more . So fun! I wish I could pay Mason to tutor Jake. He is definitely not a counter...he knows them individually but not in order. Sigh.