Both of my kids love books.  But not usually at the same time, unless it's right before bed.  So, it's been fun to spot this happening from time to time: 

 Mason is really into these magazines (as in, "Mom...I'm really into high five!") His words not mine.  He loves the fact that he gets them in the mail.  We've gotten two issues so far and we've read them about a million times.  We've tried the recipes, made the love bug puppets, done the science experiments, found all the hidden pictures (my personal favorite) and read the stories so many times that I hear little snippets of them surfacing in their play (when they think I'm not listening.) 

I love that they can be found reading together at the most random moments.  Mason is usually in charge of the reading and Emma is along for the ride.  He likes to tell her what to do. 

The other day Ryan was out pumping gas and when he got back into the car this conversation was happening:

Mason: "Emma, you have to do what you're told.  If mommy and daddy give you a cup and you don't want it, you can't throw a fit."  (Can you tell we've been arguing over who gets what cup/plate/bowl, etc??! And it's definitely two-sided, but I guess Mason felt he needed to have a little talking to with Emma)
Emma: "Ok."
Mason: "You have to just take it."
Emma: "Ok."
Mason: "Do you promise, Emma?"
Emma: "I promise."

These two never cease to surprise us. 


I'm Cindi... said...

Oh, I used to LOVE High Five mags when I was a little. As for the rest of this post, Leanne, I'm in stitches. Love that Mason!!! Tell it, Buddy! :)

Mindy said...

This made me laugh outloud. Love it. Did Emma have her fingers crossed? ;) Mason is so funny. And I used to love highlights!!