peas & parsley

We spent some time in the greenhouse this weekend.  We picked our first batch of peas and turned them into a yummy stir-fry.  Mason ate plenty of them right on the spot, carefully picking each pea out.   

We also had an insane amount of parsley that has gotten a little out of control.  We finally trimmed it back to a managable size and whipped up a double batch of parsley pesto. I'm thinking it will be great tossed with some homemade noodles. 

The greenhouse is their favorite place to play.  I'm so glad we decided to have it open up to the house.  I love to see them all covered in dirt, helping to gather food to add to our meals. 


I'm Cindi... said...

Oooh that does sound good...noodles with the parsley. Yum!!

Mindy said...

Love that last picture. Soo cute.