ladybugs and life

We have lots of new friends living in the greenhouse. Hundreds of ladybugs actually.  They are happily munching on the tiny problematic aphids.  Mason couldn't wait to put them out there.  We kept telling him we had to wait until it warmed up a bit.  As soon as the sun starting poking it's way through the windows he was ready to let them out. 

Emma waited in the doorway, peeking in and giggling. 

Mason has spent a lot of time checking on the little bugs.  Little bits of new life crawling around our greens. 

The snow finally melted enough for a long family walk this morning.  I asked Mason if he knew that the Easter Bunny was coming tomorrow.  He replied, "A bunny?  In the house?  That's silly!"  I told him that he might leave a present for him.  He said, "You mean he's going to take some eggs from the chicken coop?" Haha.

Last night after a powerful Good Friday service Mason said he wanted to read his "Jesus Book." We read the story about Jesus dying on the cross.  He told me it was a sad story and I told him that he was right, but that in a few days we would read the happy story.  Mason was up before the sun this morning.  I set him up with a blanket and some books on the couch while he waited for everyone else to wake up.  Later when I came to check on him he told me he was trying to find the sad story because he wanted to look at the pictures again before we read the happy story.  That's where my heart has been today.  Thinking about the cross, remembering the picture in my mind, and waiting to rejoice!

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haha thats super cute.