right now

Just a few things I'm loving right now:

~knitting and sewing
~making plans for scrapbooking
~trying new recipes
~cleaning out the ol' google reader
~mini book club with my bff, Mindy (can't believe I've never read Wind in the Willows)
~visiting the library
~skirts and scarves
~planting lots of greens in the greenhouse...looking forward to more salad
~researching how to make our own yogurt
~Mason making me pumpkins out of paper with Marylin
~laughing with cousins over dinner
~Emma sleeping through the night this weekend, finally!
~Mason bringing cow everywhere, putting him down for naps, and feeding him with a spoon
~being almost done with 1/4 of my portfolio for National Boards
~reading until I fall asleep
~fires in the woodstove

Not so much:
~all the Halloween hoopla
~checking to see if a certain poor little hen is egg bound
~hearing that friends are moving
~snow in the forecast
~wearing skirts on windy recess duty days

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