today's harvest

Well actually it was yesterday's harvest, but I didn't have time to finish this post. Just a little something that we picked from the garden and greenhouse. We turned that cabbage into a wonderful cabbage and kielbasa crockpot meal. Rounded out with chipotle cheddar biscuts, dinner was simple and delicious. I'm still deciding what to do with those turnips, but I think it's going to involve sweet potatotes and chicken. Not pictured: the basil that we need to make into another batch of pesto and all the beets that are now sitting pickled, on the counter in pretty pint jars.

Also not pictured: the mess in my kitchen. Both kiddos seem to either be teething/ have allergies/ or there is a cold swarming around our house because the runny noses and watery eyes and trail of kleenex are never-ending. We'll see what today brings. Probably more snuggles, books, and warm baths. Probably not a clean kitchen:)

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