the cleanest baseboards

I went to sleep last night thinking about the major cleaning party that would be happening in my kitchen today.

After two weeks of canning 150 pounds of tomatoes and a full day of all things chicken (I cooked four whole chickens, canned 20 jars of chicken broth, and have 30 cups of cubed/shredded chicken in my freezer) you could say that my kitchen needed a little love.

Well, after the worst night of sleep ever (thank you emma and mason) I jumped right in ...after baked oatmeal and coffee of course. I cleaned everything from top to bottom. And then it happened...

right after I washed all the baseboards and door and window trim...

I came up with the brilliant idea to give all that clean wood a fresh coat of paint. You know because it might be years before I got around to cleaning them again. Ha! It was like "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" on crack. I blame the lack of sleep.

In other news:

a) I found my camera
b) Mason told me this morning to "use my words"
c)we dug up pounds and pounds of potatoes
d) Emma girl has started sitting up. It's a much better view all the way up there.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Did anyone else's to-do list get a little out of hand?


Kati's Keepsake said...

Cleanest kithen ever! Way to go. Emma looks so cute sitting up!Im putting off my "to do" list til next weekend :) Hope you have a good week.

Marylin said...

She is so beautiful leanne. Every Monday and Tuesdays I just stare at her <3. Yay for clean houses :) Love you cousin

Mindy said...

Today and tomorrow are meant for cleaning... (and I'm totally excited to paint some areas of the house next summer.) Way to get cleaning, even if you are sleep deprived! :) Emma is a doll.