salt-n-pepper cookies

I got a new cookbook from my brother and sister-in-law. I love cookbooks. I read through the whole thing. Multiple times. This particular cookbook, Baked Explorations by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, was no exception. The photography is excellent and every single recipe looks delicious.

The first recipe I tried was the malt waffles. Ryan loves malt, so I couldn't wait to make them for him. They had a wonderful flavor and baked up brown and crisp. We didn't get any photos though.

But, the cookies on the cover kept grabbing my attention (you can get a glimpse of them in the photo above). Since we had friends over this past weekend, it was the perfect excuse to make them. I'm a little slow though. Every time I looked at them I thought they were called salt-n-pepper cookies because some were black and some were white. It wasn't until I actually looked through the recipe again that I realized they had salt and pepper in them! The white cookies in the photo are actually malted milk sandwich cookies (another recipe in the book:) They just look so pretty all stacked up together.

So, I set to work on the salt-n-pepper cookies. The description said they were a tribute to the oreo. I thought they were much better than oreos. A hint of salt and the spice of the pepper mixed with the cocoa powder was unlike any cookie I had ever had before. Yum!

My little helper. He loved pushing the cookie cutter into the dough.
He didn't love waiting until they were assembled and until he ate his lunch to try one:)

Next up: peanut butter banana cream pie!

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Mindy said...

These cookies were delicious! I had another at home and have the rest in the freezer to save :) Thanks for having us, it was so great to see you. Miss you lots, friend.