snow day

School got cancelled today, which means I get an extra day with this sweet little boy:
And my big boy too. We started the day with banana walnut pancakes. I love when we get to eat breakfast together. Almost as much as I love pancakes.
Then mason and I read every book he owns. Twice. Then we did all his puzzles about five times. I love playing with him and watching him learn new things. Today we've been working on all the animals and the sounds that they make. I think the rooster has got to be my favorite.

During naptime ryan and I both tackled our evergrowing to-do lists. Ryan's been working in the garage...hanging boards for the ceiling and lights that will be put up next. I've been working in my craft room. Still organizing and rearranging. It's almost done though and it will be nice to cross that off the list.

Homemade pizza for dinner makes for a pretty great snowy tuesday!


Mindy said...

Look at that face! I love his teeth, haha. So cute. :)

Marylin said...

I miss you guys so much! :) almost as much as i miss snow days! Love you cousin! :)