turkey day

Actually it was turkey day times two. First we ate at our house with Ryan's side of the family. Mason was pretty much into the rolls and the cranberry sauce. Then we headed over to my aunt's house for another meal on Friday with my side of the family.

Mom came for the whole week which was pretty awesome. She brought Einstein's bagels and pumpkin cream cheese. She made dinner. She washed dishes. And she cleaned my bathtub! Mason had a ball with Nana. They played and played and played. He loved the crayons and coloring book she brought. I can't wait for her to come back again at Christmas time.

My sister and I were having too much fun with the whole being pregnant together thing. We loved having her and her husband spend a few days at our house. There was lots of hot chocolate, giggling at mason, games, and staying up way too late.

Speaking of how much I love my sister...check out her new blog-0 here. Isn't it cute?

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