confessions of a knitter

Well, maybe 'knitter' isn't quite the right word. It's more like 'girl-learning-to-knit.' The only experience I have is making a few dishcloths. And I am definitely not qualified to teach someone else how to knit as demonstrated by the many hours spent with my friend, Hillary, this week just explaining (and re-learning) how to cast on. Who knew I was doing it wrong all this time? I'm not sure how many times we practiced knitting 10 stitches, unraveled everything, did 10 more, etc. Not to mention that she purled about 92 stitches before I casually mentioned to her that she should be bringing the yarn in front (I think). I take all the blame for the knotted mess. I'm surprised she's still speaking to me:)

But, I have big dreams of being a knitter. For now I'll just have to settle for the girl who likes looking for fun patterns, the girl who loves picking out different kinds of yarn, the girl who likes talking about knitting, and the girl who just keeps starting different projects but doesn't really know how to finish any of them. Yet.
It's time to start wrapping up some of these loose ends.

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Hillary said...

you are on probation with me. I have my eyes on you, so watch it!

ha!! who am I kidding?! I wouldn't know anything about it if it weren't for you!

at least I'm not a knitter quitter.