4 months

Already? It's hard to believe. Sometimes it seems like you've been a part of our lives forever...and it's hard to remember what life was like without you. Other times I notice just how small you are and that you've only been here with us for a short time, with so much yet to learn.

You still continue to amaze us with your array of cute faces! And you've become a constant "talker." For most of the day now you can be heard from any room. We love it!

You've had your fair share of volleyball games (watching your cousins) and football games this month. For the most part you are a pretty good sport. Giving lots of smiles to those around you. And you put up with being passed around from family member to family member and friends.

But every once in awhile, you've just had enough:)
We are so blessed that you are such a good sleeper. You've slept through the night many times. You will often talk yourself to sleep after we lay you in your crib. It's fun to listen to you during that time in the evenings. Ryan and I get a little time to ourselves... with your cheerful chatting in the background and a few minutes later when we check on you there's your soft breathing. Of course we've had those days where you won't take a nap at all, and you can be one big fuss! But they are few and far between.

At four months, you:
~will hold and play with some of your toys
~are drooling like crazy (you can drench a onesie in no time!)
~are a pro at rolling over from your stomach to your back
~sleep through the night (most of the time)
~laughed for the first time (at daddy:)
~still fall asleep in the car
~get scared when someone sneezes (especially if they're holding you)
~had your first major cold/sickness
~make new noises all day long
~love to stare at and play with your hands
~will fight naptime if we have family visiting (you don't want to miss a thing)
~will tolerate your swing, but prefer to be held
~are liking your baths
~are interacting so much with those around you
~smile at me when I say your name

I know I say this every month, but you are such a blessing. I never want to take you for granted. Every day with you is full of moments to cherish.



Lee Stover said...

I love the one of him passed out on the living room chair! Little man needs his sleep! See you all soon; hope everything is going well.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Ohhhhhhh, I remember this milestone like it was yesterday! Of course, it was only 4 months ago, but still. Time passes much too quickly, doesn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mindy said...

Leez! I love his laugh! He just keep getting cuter and cuter :D

Anonymous said...

What a cutie pa-tootie!!!! I love his little laugh, and the dorky mama in the background! :) I can't wait to come see you guys and hold little Mason! See you soon.