two knits

Well, here they are. The first two knitting projects I have ever completed. The first one is totally NOT square, lol. Can you tell I'm a beginner? I like the green and yellow yarn and it works just the same to clean counters! The second one was a little harder....I'm still learning to follow a pattern. Can you see the butterfly in the middle? I am pretty proud:) My friend and I thought we would just get together and whip these up....three weeks later I finally finished mine. I haven't used this one yet because I'm still admiring it. Hee hee.

These were fun though and I love that I didn't have to buy any dishclothes. I think I might make a few more. Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to do some dishes and fold the laundry.


Mindy said...

How cute! I love the butterfly. Happy Knitting!

Stephanie Hargis said...

These turned out great Leanne! I LOVE the butterfly! I want to learn how to do that! :D