fall treats

Hello. I have a few simple projects to share with you. The first one is a little birthday package for a dear friend of mine. There is an apple cider candle with a little box full of apple cider packets. I had a lot of fun decorating up the bag! Next are some goodies for my second graders for Halloween. They are pretty simple because we all know they only care about the candy anyway, right? :)
Well, I hope you have a happy halloween! We live so far out of town that I don't expect any little trick-or-treaters. We are going to watch a movie and just hang out, maybe roast some pumpkin seeds. Yum!


Mindy said...

Leez, I love the the red/yellow theme... and also the cute little baggies. They must have been so excited when they saw them :) Yum!

Carisa said...

Awww, those are so cute - I would love to have you as my kids' teacher! You rock!