fun with 8x8

I got to spend the day yesterday with my best friend scrapbooking and shopping! We had so much fun catching up. I started working on my wedding album. I already scrapbooked all of the pictures that people took with their cameras and did lots of journaling in my 12x12 album, but I wanted to do a simple album with the professional pictures. I chose a pretty green 8 x 8 album and some bright papers. I want to keep it pretty simple, so the focus is on the pictures. I spent most of my time planning and gathering supplies (and talking with Mindy), but I did get a few pages done. Here are two of my favorites. Everytime I look at my wedding cake I just have to smile. I just love the lime green and the polka dots and all the pretty gerbers! (Sorry about the glare on the pics.) Such fun colors. It's pretty gray and rainy here...a perfect day to make some tea and finish working on this album. And maybe try a new soup for dinner...( I love finding some ingredients that I have in my cupboards and then searching for recipes online:) Well, I hope you all have a happy day!


Amy said...

Your wedding cake was soooo cool! You were a brave bride that took a risk. Your pages look great too.

Mindy said...

So fun yet simple. I love those pages! Had a blast with you that day. :) I will hopefully get back to crafts/posting this weekend. Are you almost finished with the book??

Carisa said...

So beautiful! I love your cake & your dress!!! Gorgeous!