little orchard

It's been a long week.  Two funerals in one week is pretty overwhelming.  One for a good friend and school employee and another for a student.  It felt really good to get outside in the sunshine on Friday and hang with the kids.  I mostly just want to hug them and never let go.  Here are a couple pictures of them waiting to plant our 8 apple trees.  While daddy was augering the holes they "planted" some wood trees and measured the logs.  

These are the only pictures I took before the battery died.  They loved helping to water the trees, play in the mud and shovel dirt into the holes.  We're learning the ins and outs of trying to maintain fruit trees in our zone 3 climate.  Sort of a learn-as-you-go kind of thing. 

Now it's snowing.  Gotta love Colorado.  


Mindy said...

Love you friend--and hugs from little ones do make the heart feel better.

Cindi said...

:( Big hugs, Leanne!!!