We have an advent calendar this year!  But only because I finally finished it up on December 2nd.  Not too bad for buying the material back in July.  
 I'm so glad we are doing one this year.  It's the highlight of our evenings.  Mason is really into opening the little pockets and reading the bible verses. 
A fun tradition to start with our little ones.  I remember doing our advent calendar growing up.  Opening the little doors each day.  Mason keeps counting how many more days until we get to the yellow one.  We're going through the alphabet with each letter standing for a different word that has to do with the Christmas story. 

We got out the piano music too and are learning Christmas songs here and there.  Mason's favorite so far is Hark! the Herald Angels Sing. 
Did you notice that Emma is playing with her foot?  She's talented like that.


Marylin said...

Did you notice my cousin is still wearing FLIP-FLOPS!!! Love you!

Kati's Keepsake said...

Hooray for Christmas songs on the piano!