weekend moments

So much to be thankful for this weekend. I love my job.  I love my 3-day weekends even more.  I consider it a blessing to spend Monday through Thursday with my precious second graders.  My days are full to the tip top.  Each morning begins with a quiet time (sort of...depending on which early riser climbs into my lap as the sun rises and we study the bible together) and then it's a mad scramble to get showers, breakfast, kids dressed, myself ready for the day, sometimes packing lunch and dinner to bring into town depending on the day and what we have going on after school and we're out the door.  After a super fun day with the kiddos at school it's dinner, bible study, Awanas, cousins, baths, books, singing, dancing, playing and bedtime.  Repeat.  But come Friday, I'm ready to soak up the blessings of our slower pace and lots of family time. 
Sweet girl snuggles with daddy.

Reading books on top of the coffee table, where else?

Giggles and grins at every turn.

Making thanksgiving banners and then cutting "spaghetti" with the extra yarn.

My cracker-making helpers.

Checking out snowplows for our new truck.

Also on tap this weekend: a wedding celebration complete with cupcakes, a great visit with the great-grandparents, and a wonderful message at church and dinner with friends.  Hope your weekend is just as blessed.

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