sweet summer

We're enjoying summer to the fullest here!  We just spent a wonderful weekend celebrating my sweet cousins's wedding.  Everything was so beautiful.  I must have left all the picture taking to the professionals because I didn't snap a single photo.  These are from one of my cousins:

It was so awesome to have all my family here to celebrate this awesome event.  Whenever I go to a wedding I am always overwhelmed with memories of my own wedding.  I am so excited for Marylin and Jeb as they start their life together. 


We've been busy riding new bikes, trying new recipes, going to swimming lessons for Mason, listening to thunder storms, and planning some projects with Ryan's parents. The next few weekends promise to be full of lots of dirt, mountain settings, and fun (with a little work mixed in!) After I get back from a couple days with my best friend that is. 

Also...the other day Mason said thank you when I gave him his water bottle.  I said thank you for using your manners.  He replied with "I was only using one manner mama.  I use them one at a time." 


I'm Cindi... said...

Love that Mason!! And CONGRATS to your cousin. :)

Kati's Keepsake said...

Cute pics! Emma looks like a super star!!! Hope you had fun with Minnz.

Mindy said...

Mason is hilarious. So perceptive!