I sort of unintentionally took a little break from the ol' blog. I didn't really mean to, I just found myself spending my time doing other things rather than being on the computer. It was actually kind of nice. But, I do miss documenting the little things that make up our life. So how have we been spending the last few weeks (besides fighting some serious sickness and lack of sleep)?

We've taken a few small road trips and spent a great deal of time with family and friends.

Emma girl has been devouring food. She hasn't met something yet that she doesn't like but she is certainly taking a preference to feeding herself rather than being fed. She loves finger foods and does surprisingly well with only two teeth. We've been making homemade coffee creamer (and consuming lots of caffiene, thanks to the sleepless nights).

I'm in the middle of way too many projects at school and am very grateful for my wonderful parent volunteers.

Mason has been busy pulling trucks out ditches and taking them to the carwash to clean all the mud off.

We've been enjoying lots of eggs from our chickens. Lots of greens from the greenhouse too.

Mason's been busy fingerpainting and covering every piece of paper he can find with stickers.

We've been trying several homemade cracker recipes.

We've been reading lots of books. Sitting by the fire. Just hanging out and enjoying January (especially now that the ear infections and flu are a thing of the past.) What have you been up to?

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