Whenever it's time to make dinner, I can always count on Mason to help. He loves to sit on the counter and pour, stir, and watch whatever I'm doing. And ask a million and one questions about whatever I'm doing. It's one of my favorite times of the day. It will be a little sad when he doesn't fit perfectly under the kitchen cabinets anymore. Our little corner nook is the perfect spot for him to sit and help.
He's been such a clown the past few nights at dinner too. He's been eating about half of the food on his plate before losing interest. I've had to bribe him get a little creative on ways to make him finish his dinner. On Monday it was all about feeding Emma. He wanted to give Emma some puffs. I told him if he took a bite, he could give a puff to Emma. He finished his plate. I think Emma got the sweet end of the deal. Sit there, smile and laugh at Mason and after he did all the hard work of eating bites of dinner, she got a bite too. Tonight it was all about the animal sounds. He kept asking me what different animals say. I told him I would let him know after he ate a bite of dinner. He thought it was a hilarious game. And he finished his dinner. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Also tonight he was being a little bossy, repeatedly telling me to take his plate away. I told him to stop being bossy. He replied with, "but bossy is my favorite!" Ryan and I could not keep a straight face. I really don't know where he comes up with this stuff.

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