3 months

Happy 3 months, Mason. What a sweetheart you are! You love to smile and make happy faces, but you can turn fussy in a split second:)

You also have a very serious side. You furrow your little eyebrows and just stare. I don't know how many people look at you and then say, "he's so serious." We love it. What are you thinking about??At 3 months, you:

~have outgrown your cradle (you're too long!) and have moved into your crib

~can see yourself in the mirror on the headrest in the car and smile at yourself

~can hold your head up

~can roll over from your tummy to back and almost from your back to tummy

~love to smile

~take two good naps a day

~love your pacifier, but will suck on your fist and arm when you find them

~have become quite the drooler!You add so much joy to our daily lives. You are such a good baby and we love you more and more each day.



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What a beautiful family!