it's the little things

I'm not gonna lie...it's a little weird staying home while all my friends are going to work and starting school. I love the first days of school...the excited students so full of energy, the new supplies, putting into practice all the new ideas I've pondered over the summer, etc. But this year will be different. I won't be working with those dear 2nd graders until October. It's ok, I know they are in good hands:) Plus, I've got my hands full, busy loving on my little one. I'm completly full of wonder as I watch him grow and am so blessed to extend my stay at home. Even if we have moments like this:

Even when he's mad, I just can't get over how cute he is. Will he ever grow into those chicken legs? I just keep counting my blessings because I know I will have to head back to school all too soon.


Stephanie Hargis said...

Haha! This picture is too funny! I love it! :D We certainly are missing you at school. Hillary is doing a fabulous job though!

P.S. I just realized that I recognized Mason's outfit! Haha!

Mindy said...

Awww :) I love the chicken legs.

Hey, I got your message--I will call you soon, friend!

Hillary said...

oh my gosh, this picure is so funny (and a little sad).

Mason, I'm sorry your mom takes such sad pictures of you and doesn't help make things right with you. I'll adopt you. ;)